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Saturday, 24. December, 2011

Merry christmas and a christmas surprise!
I wish all of you a merry christmas. As a christmas surprise I've updated disc 1 of the archive for the game The Legend of the Lost Temple with an unlocked version. So you can play the game without knowing the activation code. Many thanks for this to Xavier. You can donload the game from my Downloads-section. The game runs fine with Arculator.

Tuesday, 06. December, 2011

Oh, some news, what happened?
Ok, it's been a while since the last real news on this site. But after a long period with many things changed in my life I'm now trying to update the site more than the last times again.
I start with an updated version of the emulator RPCEmu Spoon Edition. It has reached version 0.8.8 some days ago, so I updated my Emulation-section with the new archives.
I've also updated the program informations and downloads of the "older" machine Acorn emulators.
More content coming soon...

Tuesday, 18. October, 2011

Celebrating 10 years!
Never thought that this site would last so long but today we're celebrating 10 years. Started as a link page for myself it is now one of the top sites concerning Acorn Emulation. Your number 1 source for disk images and Emulation-News in the Acorn world. So I hope I'll find the time to work on the stack of content for this site that was brought to me by you.

Saturday, 01. January, 2011

Happy new year 2011...
...to all visitors of this site.

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