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Saturday, 30. January, 2010

Chocks Away playable demo!
Thanks to a user in the forum I'm now able to give you the download of he Chocks Away Demo playable in the emulator. So if you want to get it, go to the Downloads-section and take a look at the gamedemos. I've tested it with Arculator but it should work fine in every emulator.

Sunday, 10. January, 2010

Legend of the Lost Temple!
Today I've added the full game Legends of the Lost Temple from Eterna to the Downloads-section. This game runs in Arculator. The only problem is that there is a copy protection after the startup screen. You need to select the colour of the section of the picture that the cursor points to. The only way to know this is by using the colour picture that came with the game. If someone has this colour picture, PLEASE SCAN IT AND SEND IT TO ME!

Friday, 01. January, 2010

Happy new year 2010...
...to all visitors of this site. Let's see what's coming up this year..

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