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Saturday, 06. December, 2008

First of all news Tom Walker dropped down his lead in developing RPCEmu and ended his activities for this great emulator. These are sad news, but I want to say thanks to Tom for developing this great emulator. The second news is a bit off topic: the FuzeBox. But its worth an information because this is an emulation site and I found it very interesting. Take a look here. And now have a very relaxed christmas time.

Sunday, 12. October, 2008

The Last Ninja!
It was very hard to get but now I can give you this demoversion of the game The Last Ninja as downloadable diskimage in the Downloads-section. Try it now!

Another soundtrack is available as free download: Hamsters. You can find the song to listen here.

Friday, 03. October, 2008

Phaeton soundtrack available!
The soundtrack of the game Phaeton is available as free download at the Iconbar-website.

Sunday, 20. July, 2008

Onlinevideos of some games added!
Because of a lot of videos available on YouTube I've decided to link some of the games that are for download at my Downloads-section. So it's now possible to see parts of the game as video without having an running emulator. Check it now!

Monday, 07. July, 2008

Contact information!
Today I've accidently deleted a mail concerning ArcGB. The mail was automated to my spam folder so I realized just after pushing the 'Delete'-button that this was a relevant mail. So if you write me a mail and don't get an answer please try again a while later. Maybe you were also spam. I reply every serious mail send to me. And if you're the one that wrote a mail concerning ArcGB, do that again!

Saturday, 28. June, 2008

Archimedes World Blog!
The Archimedes World was a great print magazine. Now it's alive again as a blog. You can find it here.

Friday, 06. June, 2008

Asylum released as SDL port!
The all known game Asylum is available as SDL port. It is licensed with the GPL. You can download the game from here.

Friday, 29. February, 2008

New version of OmniFlop!
A while ago a new version of OmniFlop was released, the disc imaging tool for Windows. I've updated the DiscImaging-section with this new version.

Tuesday, 01. January, 2008

Happy new year 2008...
...to all visitors of this site. I hope that this year gives as many news and free downloads as possible.

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