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Friday, 30. November, 2007

Just chaos!
Oh, not what you may think. Even if it's been a very long time since the last update of this site I'm still here. The only problem is the mass of work to do outside this site in real life. But hopefully I'm getting more time to spend in the next year.
But one download I need to add immediately to my Downloads-section, and this is the full version of the game Spheres of Chaos. This is one of my all time classics and I spent (and still spend) millions of hours playing this game. So enjoy this amazing game. The update for the ArcGB-project is coming soon.

Thursday, 23. August, 2007

2067 B.C. added!
The game 2067 B.C. is the newest member in the Downloads-section. This is a game by Tom Cooper. Try it for yourself now. And sorry for the lack of updates. I'm very busy with work at the moment. Hope it's getting better in autumn.

Wednesday, 18. July, 2007

Castle Black Heart available for download!
Today I've added the game Castle Black Heart to the Downloads-section. The ArcGB-project is updated too.

Monday, 18. June, 2007

New version of RPCEmu and Acorn games videos!
The new version 0.7 of RPCEmu is out and available at my Emulation-section or at the homepage of RPCEmu. This version is available for Windows, DOS and Linux/Unix-versions. New in this version is the dynamic recompiler CPU core. Works impressive fast! More changes are CD-ROM support with ISO images on all platforms, direct drive access, supports hd images up to 32 GB. You must have this new version.

I've also added a link to a section in YouTube where you can find videos of Acorn games. Have a look in my Links-section.

Monday, 11. June, 2007

Arculator updated!
Version 0.9a of Arculator is out and I updated my copy of Arculator in the Emulation-section too. This is no really new version just some updates for the GPL.

Friday, 01. June, 2007

Iron Lord available for download!
Sorry for the long gap to the last update, I'm very busy at the moment. But short before my holiday I give you a new game to play with. I've uploaded Iron Lord to the Downloads-section. The ArcGB-project is updated too. The next update will come short after my holiday.

Sunday, 22. April, 2007

Blank 1600K discimage and Ibix the Viking!
I've added an image of a blank 1600K disc and the game Ibix the Viking to the Downloads-section. The ArcGB-project is updated too.

Thursday, 05. April, 2007

Nebulus available for download!
Today I've added the great game Nebulus to the Downloads-section. The ArcGB-project is updated too, but you just need to download the Gamebase.zip, not the pictures, because there were no new pictures added.

Wednesday, 04. April, 2007

OmniFlop for creating disc images on Windows 2000, XP and Vista!
If you don't have the possibilities to create disc images from your old Acorn discs because you're running a newer Windows system than Windows 98 or ME, this great tool would be your chance to do it now! OmniFlop is the name of the tool that runs fine with the newer Windows versions and is for free. If you want to know more about this tool, then visit the new designed Disc Imaging section. The former place of ArcDisc is expanded to be a universal place for disc imaging tools. Take a look to the new section!

Monday, 02. April, 2007

Tons of new pictures and an updated AcornGamez!
At the weekend I received a lot of new pictures from Pete (thanks a lot). So I've updated the Pictures-section with the following new game covers:

Break 147 & SuperPool
Bug Hunter - Moon Dash
Chequered Flag
FireBall II
Ibix the Viking
Jahangir Khan Squash
Jet Fighter
MiG 29 Fulcrum
Missile Control
Starfighter 3000
Stunt Racer 2000
The Last Ninja
The Olympics

AcornGamez has updated it's appearance on the screen and looks now more professional than before.

Thursday, 22. February, 2007

Update of ArcGB!
I've updated the ArcGB-project with the game Bloxed, that was already available in the Downloads-section.

Tuesday, 06. February, 2007

Arculator 0.9 available!
The new version 0.9 of Arculator is out and available at the Emulation-section and at the homepage of Arculator. The list of changes is long, you can read it at the homepage.

Tuesday, 30. January, 2007

Guile for download!
The newest member in the Downloads-section is the game Guile by Dream Software Ltd.. You need to play this cross between Zarch and Elite. The ArcGB-project is updated too with this game and the levelcodes.

Wednesday, 17. January, 2007

3D Tanks for download!
Today I've added a freeware game called 3D Tanks to the Downloads-section. The ArcGB-project was also updated.

Wednesday, 03. January, 2007

Small for download!
The very good 3D maze game Small by Virgo Software is available as free download in the Downloads-section. The ArcGB-project is updated too.

Tuesday, 02. January, 2007

Repton Spectacular available in the shop and update of the Emulation-section!
Superior Interactive released new levels for all Repton remakes. You can find more informations about this new release by clicking here. You can buy this extension in my shop.
I've also updated the Emulation-section with new versions of B-EM and BeebEm.

Monday, 01. January, 2007

Happy new year 2007...
...to all visitors of this site. I hope that this year gives as many news and free downloads as possible.

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