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Wednesday, 27. December, 2006

RPCEMu 0.6 and Blue Thunder!
A new version 0.6 of RPCEmu is out now. You can download the new version of RPCEmu at the homepage of RPCEmu or in the Emulation-section. New in this version are a working StrongARM emulation, a changed timing system with more stable sound, speed boost for multicore systems, optimisations to ARM + memory, bug fixes, fullscreen support for Windows and enhanced support on Linux. If you work with this new version don't wonder about the wrong version number in the windows title.

Beside the new version of RPCEmu there is also a new game for free in the Downloads-section. The game is called Blue Thunder by Daniel Birch. He sent me this game and I make it available to you. Try this shoot'em up, seems to be inspired by S.W.I.V.. The ArcGB-project is updated too with this game.

Saturday, 23. December, 2006

Diggers demo released!
Right before christmas I've added the demo of Diggers to the Downloads-section. You can play the first level of this game. The ArcGB-project is updated too.

And now have a merry christmas...

Wednesday, 06. December, 2006

Paradroid 2000 for free!
After checking the internet I found a mass of free Paradroid clones. Now it's time to give you the Acorn version of the game Paradroid 2000. The game is now available for free in my Downloads-section. So go and download it in time to play this great game. The ArcGB-project is updated too.

Saturday, 02. December, 2006

Christmas is coming!
...and so I decided to make the look of this site a bit more like christmas. As you can see, BIG changes were made....

I've also added a new subsection to the Links-section. The new subsection is for the fantastic game Paradroid and all of it's successors.

Wednesday, 08. November, 2006

Update of ArcGB and link to Oolite!
After adding the gamedemo of WaveLength some days ago I've now updated the ArcGB-project with this demo too. Because of some problems with starting I've updated the imagefile too, so please download it again if you've downloaded it in the last days.

I've also added a link to the great Elite-clone Oolite. This is Elite in new graphical dimensions. A must have for all Elite-fans. The game is free and open source. Visit the Links-section for the link.

Sunday, 05. November, 2006

Gamedemo of WaveLength published!
A gamedemo of the game WaveLength by Tom Cooper is the new member of my Downloads-section. Try this demo of the nice shoot'em up game. The ArcGB-project will get an update soon.

Friday, 03. November, 2006

Save money with the T-Shirt campaign this month!
Only this month! Visit my shop and buy you a shirt and save 3,-. Just type the code EARLY06 in the voucher-field of the order details and you save 3,-. Visit my shop here.

Tuesday, 24. October, 2006

Arculator 0.8 out!
The next version of Arculator is out and available at the Emulation-section and at the homepage of Arculator. Many improvements were made in this version and are all listed on the homepage of Arculator. Here are only some of the improvements: improved timing, better and more FDI supports, bugfixed video codec, sound in stereo, separated ROM + CMOS files for Arthur, RISC OS 2 and RISC OS 3.

Wednesday, 18. October, 2006

5 years acorn.revivalteam.de!
5 years ago I started this site to have a collection of links to all Acorn sites everywhere available. And now after 5 years it is the #1 site in Acorn emulation. Let's go on for the next 5 years.

If you linked the RSS feed direct at startup please relink because the link changed.

Monday, 16. October, 2006

RSS feed started and Unreal Championship demo released!
Today I start with the RSS channel for all users with a RSS reader. By this way it is easier for you to get informed about new entries on my site and you don't need to check the site every day if there is a new information. To subscribe to my RSS feed you copy the link under the navigation bar or click on the RSS icon that appears in your browser.

A demo with 3 maps for the new map pack Unreal championship for Heroes of Might and Magic 2 is available on the Blasts of the XTreme-site for free download.

Saturday, 14. October, 2006

Some informations!
Sion Cleaver of Blasts of the Xtreme informed me about a new product they're releasing in the next few weeks called Unreal Championship. This has nothing to do with the famous Unreal series on other platforms, it's a map pack for Heroes of Might and Magic 2. You can find informations about that here.
If you can design a good logo for this new product you can send it to the mailadress on the linked page.

Also Tom Walker updated the WIP-site of Arculator. You can see some screenshots of the next release of Arculator and I can't wait to get this new version. Tom said that the demo of The Crytsal Maze, available at my Downloads-section, will run without problems with the new version.

Thursday, 05. October, 2006

ArcGB updated!
The ArcGB-project is updated with the Crystal Maze demo, but currently the demo doesn't neither work with Arculator nor with RPCEmu, only VA5000 (and maybe RedSquirrel?) can run the demo correctly.

Tuesday, 03. October, 2006

New game demo added!
After a while without news I've added the demo of the game The Crystal Maze to the Downloads-section. This is a game of a famous TV show I never saw. Try it out. The ArcGB-project will be updated soon.

Thursday, 07. September, 2006

Bobby Blockhead!
The game Bobby Blockhead vs. The Dark Planet from Atomic Software is the newest game in my Downloads-section. Because I couldn't find any contact information of Atomic Software (it is not the one you find on Google) and I'm not totally sure about the status I'll remove the download if someone asks me. The ArcGB-project is updated too and I've also added the Birds of War manual to the Extras-file.

Tuesday, 22. August, 2006

Alien Invasion and UMoria!
Today I've added the games Alien Invasion and UMoria to the Download-section. As usual the ArcGB project is updated too.

I've created a new shirt, a must have for all ARM enthusiasts. Visit my shop to get it.

Spreadshirt ShopSpreadshirt ShopSpreadshirt Shop

Monday, 21. August, 2006

Bug Hunter and Virtual A5000!
Ian Richardson released Bug Hunter as a free discimage, so I've added the fixed version from Holger Palmroth to the Download-section. Bug Hunter doesn't run with Arculator at the moment, but it works fine with RPCEmu, so you can use it with ArcGB. I've added Bug Hunter to my ArcGB-project, now including the level codes for Bug Hunter and Bug Hunter in Space. There is also a link between these 2 games, so you can switch between Bug Hunter and it's sequel. You can download the new files at the ArcGB-section.

Thanks to Chris I updated my VA5000 Upgrades-section with a missing boot upgrade from version 1.2 to version 1.3.

Friday, 11. August, 2006

Bambuzle demo and new ArcGB!
I've added the demo of Bambuzle to the Download-section. Try this great game. I've also updated the ArcGB-section with a new version. Beside the new demo there is also a new subdirectory called Extras including at the moment 2 textfiles with levelcodes for Hamsters and Bambuzle. In the future there will be more extras added to this path. You can start the extras directly inside ArcGB by clicking the Extras...-Button for the selected game (if you've connected the right path). If you want to update your current ArcGB you need to download all 3 extra files (not the setup).

Tuesday, 01. August, 2006

1 month without news!
You could call it holiday, but I would call it lot of real work to do, so there was no time for news.
But now I have a little more time to write some news.

First news of the month is the release of RPCEmu 0.51. A fix on the colourpalette was done by Tom Walker. You can download the new version of RPCEmu at the homepage of RPCEmu or in the Emulation-section. Tom Walker also released a new version of B-EM, the freeware BBC Micro emulator. You can download the newest version in the Emulation-section or at http://elkulator.acornelectron.co.uk.

And finally I have this message from Bill Richards for you:

I have an Acorn Archie 3000 sitting in my garage with a carrier bag full of books and disks. Its too bulky to post but if anyone would like to collect it from me in Wokingham Berkshire they would be welcolme to it. No charge I would rather donate it than dump it.
Would deliver within a 10 mile radius for 10.00.

Contact Bill at molinsman@yahoo.com if you're interested.

Friday, 30. June, 2006

Burn 'Out and Dune II for download!
Today I give you 2 new full games for download. These 2 ex-commercial games are freely available from the authors, so I decided to release this archives too. Both games can be downloaded from the new Archives for download-section. The archives in this section are real Acorn archives and you need to copy them to an emulated harddrive to play them with the emulator. A description on how to install the archives in the emulator can be found on the site.
These archives aren't added to the ArcGB project, because you can't run them from the GameBase.
And now enjoy these 2 great games!

Thursday, 29. June, 2006

New version of ArcGB!
I've uploaded a new version of ArcGB. ArcGB now supports the newest version of RPCEmu too. So you can decide whether to play with Arculator or with RPCEmu. I also bugfixed the filter to show the full games only, so Terramex is now also in the list. You can download the newest version of ArcGB in the ArcGB-section.
You don't need to download the setup file and the screenshots again, there were no changes. Just download Wocki's Acorn GameBase. But beware if you did some modifications to the gamebase then you need to save a copy, because all modifications get lost when you update to the new version.

Thursday, 29. June, 2006

RPCEmu 0.5 bugfixed version uploaded!
A bugfixed version of the released RPCEmu is available at the Emulation-section and at the homepage of RPCEmu. This bugfixed version now runs too on Windows with non-Athlon systems.

Wednesday, 28. June, 2006

RPCEmu 0.5 out now!
Tom Walker released a new version of RPCEmu. You can download this new version in the Emulation-section or at the homepage of RPCEmu. New features in this version are code optimisations leading to 30% speed increase, more supported instructions, bugfixes and a preliminary sound emulation for Windows 9X.

Wednesday, 21. June, 2006

3 new full games added!
I've added 3 more discimages of the games Alerion, Aliped and OddBall to the Download-section. The ArcGB-section is updated as usual.

Monday, 19. June, 2006

Demos of Scorpius and S.W.I.V. added!
Another discimage with the demos of the games Scorpius and S.W.I.V. is available in the Download-section. And again the ArcGB-section is also updated with this 2 new demos. Enjoy them!

Thursday, 08. June, 2006

Demos of Nebulus and Fervour added!
You want to play the demos of this 2 great games? Then visit the Download-section and download them. The ArcGB-section is also updated with this 2 new demos.

Wednesday, 31. May, 2006

Lemmings and Oh no More Lemmings added as demos!
I've added a new discimage with the game demos of Lemmings and Oh no! More Lemmings to the Download-section. The ArcGB-section is also updated because of these 2 new gamedemos added to my ArcGB project.

Monday, 29. May, 2006

Wocki' Acorn Emulation CD available!
If you don't want to download all that content from my site you can buy a CD with all the content actually available on my site. For more informations visit my shop.

Monday, 29. May, 2006

A remake of Zarch...
...can be downloaded from www.steviegoodwin.plus.com. Try this free remake of Zarch.

Wednesday, 24. May, 2006

Start of the new section ArcGB!
You're welcome to visit the new subsection ArcGB. I've started the ArcGB-project to create an easy access to the gameimagefiles for Acorn emulators. If you don't want to copy all games to a HostFS partition you should use this frontend. For more information visit the section.

Monday, 22. May, 2006

AcornGamez linked!
If you have an eye on Acorn games you need to visit the Blog site AcornGamez. Here you find news and reviews of Acorn games and collections. And if you want to become a review or article writer, you could do this also there. You can find the link also in the Links-section.

Thursday, 18. May, 2006

Lemings added!
I've added the game Lemings by Tom Cooper to the Downloads-section.

Saturday, 13. May, 2006

New version of Arculator!
Tom Walker released another version of Arculator, now version 0.7. You can download the new version directly from the homepage of Arculator or at my site (see section Emulation). New in this version are improved video code, some fixed bugs and some improvements to ArculFS. Try this version now, it simply looks great to work in Mode 27 :-). Deeva and Kaptain Konflict should now work with this version and the RISC OS 2 ROMs.

Tuesday, 09. May, 2006

A future version of Arculator...
...should handle Deeva and Kaptain Konflict. Tom Walker sent me an info about this. So you need to wait for the next release of Arculator to see the games for yourself (me too). But even if the quality of the games isn't best it's a bit of Acorn history and maybe someones memory about playing with the Acorn. I'll wait for the next version to see it for myself ;-)

I was also informed by a person that the CD mentioned on my Messageboard appears to be a copy of the non-legal TOSEC Archimedes collection. So you need to check the risks and know the law if you buy a copy of this.

Sunday, 07. May, 2006

2 more full games added!
Today I've added the games Terramex and Top Banana to the Downloads-section of my site. Go on and download them now!

If you have lots of original discs for you Acorn but no image to play it with any emulator, look at the current forum thread in the Messageboard of this site. Maybe you find what you need...

Friday, 05. May, 2006

Looks like RISC OS!
The site riscXP offers a browser for windows called Squirrel. Squirrel is an Internet Explorer based browser, modified to look like a RISC OS browser. This looks great and works quite good. The program can be run without any installation when Internet Explorer is installed, so everyone can try it. Visit the riscXP-site to download the browser.

Thursday, 04. May, 2006

Fish available for download!
The textadventure Fish by Magnetic Scrolls is the new member in the ADF images pool. You can download the discimage from the Downloads-section. Enjoy this great adventure. Runs best with the new Arculator version!

Sunday, 30. April, 2006

Bigger and better coverscans!
I refreshed some of the coverscans. The coverscans of Flashback, Guile, Paradroid 2000, Saloon Cars Deluxe, SPheres of Chaos, Small, Virtual Golf, Zelanites and Zool are now updated. I've also added the coverscans of Sensible Soccer. Visit the Pictures-section to see the new coverscans.

Saturday, 29. April, 2006

Arculator 0.6 out now!
Tom Walker informed me about the next version of Arculator. Version 0.6 is out now. You can download the new version directly from the homepage of Arculator or at my site (see section Emulation). New in this version are improved FDI support, improved video routines, ArculFS and emulation of the ARM250.

Wednesday, 26. April, 2006

New partnersite!
Since yesterday this site is part of the affiliate program of EmuNews24. EmuNews24 is a german site about emulation and there is also a section about Acorn emulation.

Tuesday, 25. April, 2006

ArcEm site updated!
The homepage of ArcEm has been refreshed. The site announces a new version for ArcEm in the near future. Some weeks ago I tried the current version of ArcEm from the CVS, but wasn't successful, because the emulator crashed on startup. So I can't wait to get the new version running on my system. Visit the homepage of ArcEm to see it for yourself.
Now some site internals: The older news (2001-2005) are currently unavailable because of a script problem on my site. I'm working on it and hope to get it running again in the next days.

Sunday, 23. April, 2006

2 more gamedemos!
I've added 2 gamedemos to the Downloads-section. The games are Alone in the Dark and Arcturus.

Tuesday, 18. April, 2006

New T-Shirts with Acorn logo added to the shop!
I've created 9 new shirts and added them to my shop. Visit my shop to get them.

Spreadshirt ShopSpreadshirt ShopSpreadshirt ShopSpreadshirt ShopSpreadshirt ShopSpreadshirt ShopSpreadshirt ShopSpreadshirt ShopSpreadshirt Shop

Sunday, 16. April, 2006

Added 3 more gamedemos!
I've added 3 gamedemos to the Downloads-section. The games are Starfighter 3000, Cataclysm and James Pond. Enjoy them!

Monday, 10. April, 2006

Reached 30.000 visitors last weekend!
Last weekend the visitor count at this site reached the 30.000. This is a good value in 5 years for this little community. Maybe some more of the Acorn community found its way to my site because last weekend drobe wrote an article about my site. Interestingly I sent the news to drobe a while ago. After adding Bughunter in Space to my site they eventually wrote this article.
Finally I checked the game Deeva again and it runs on Arculator, so I changed the comment for this game.

Saturday, 08. April, 2006

Added 3 free games!
Thanks to Andrew (tagew.co.uk) I added 3 new full games to the Downloads-section. The games are Bughunter in Space, Deeva and Kaptain Konflict. A special thank goes out to Ian Richardson, author of Bughunter in Space, who mad it freely available. So download these new games now and enjoy them.

Thursday, 06. April, 2006

Massively added shirts to my shop!
My Shirt-shop got a massive expansion of content. Visit my shop to see and buy the newly added shirts.

Tuesday, 04. April, 2006

Bug in the new Downloads-section fixed!
There was a bug in the new Downloads-section that made the PD Games lost. I fixed it, so now you can see all the PD Games again.

Friday, 31. March, 2006

New gamedemos added!
Today I've added the demos of the following games: Warlocks, Xenon, Sensible Soccer and TechnoDream. Enjoy them in the Downloads-section.

Tuesday, 28. March, 2006

RPCEmu 0.4 released!
Yesterday Tom Walker released version 0.4 of his RiscPC emulator RPCEmu. Main features of this new version are a rewritten video emulation, that now supports 16- & 32-bit colour, support for HostFS, 2 hard discs, RAM >16 MB and VRAM. RPCEmu is now under the GPL and there is a preliminary Linux port.
For more informations visit the homepage of RPCEmu or go to the Emulation-section to download this new version of RPCEmu. There you'll also find a link to the article about the start of the Linux porting. And now enjoy this new version!

Friday, 24. March, 2006

VirtualA5000 section updated!
Aaron Timbrell from VirtualAcorn sent me some of the old websites for the VirtualA5000 updates, so I could update the content of my VirtualA5000 upgrade section.

Tuesday, 21. March, 2006

Added 3 more gamedemos to the new Downloads-section!
Today I added the demos of the games Heimdall, Magic Pockets and Populous to the Downloads-section.

Monday, 20. March, 2006

Added 2 more gamedemos to the new Downloads-section!
The completely rewritten Downloads-section is now online. As a start gift I added demos of the games Quark and Prime Solver to the section. You can find newly added items marked with 'New>>' for 2 weeks. Send me comments about this new section.

Friday, 17. March, 2006

2 new gamedemos released!
Added the ADF-image Games 05 containing the demos of the games Repton 4 and James Pond II: Robocod. You can find them in the Downloads-section, subsection Game Demos.

Thursday, 16. March, 2006

Today big shop opening!
Today I open my 'Acorn Shop'. You can buy interesting products concerning Acorn. Visit my shop by clicking the link in the site navigation.

Some of you may have noticed, that the site navigation has changed since it first appearance some weeks ago. I sorted the list and removed the site 'About me'. It's offline now, because there was no interesting content on this site since the start of this project.

Beside this I also tried to post the info about the VirtualA5000 upgrades to Drobe and Iconbar, but nothing happend at the moment.

Finally I found an article on Drobe about RPCEmu ported to Linux and another older one with a deeper look inside Acorn emulators. The second articles discussion is very interesting, because I've been trying some weeks now to get some information about releasing old RO 3.1 ROMS for free. At the moment I didn't get any useful answers. Anybody knows some contact informations?

Thursday, 09. March, 2006

Start of a new subsection for Virtual A5000!
I'm very proud to present a new subsection, the VA5000 Upgrades-section.
After 2 months of prearrangement and proceedings I can proudly present you the new site concering Virtual A5000 upgrades. The site is made for all user of VirtualAcorn's superb A5000-emulator Virtual A5000, who are looking for the updates, that were available for the emulator a while ago on the homepage of VirtualAcorn. Since today this site is your first stop to find the long searched upgrades!
Visit the site now and send me any feedback and comments.

Friday, 03. March, 2006

Magnetoids demo uploaded!
The fabulous game Magnetoids is now available as demo in the Downloads-section. Download the Games04-image from the subsection Game-Demos to play this great 3D asteroids clone.

Monday, 27. February, 2006

Site navigation changed!
Today I released the new site navigation. The old navigation was quite good for about 5 years, but now it's time to change to the new one. There simply isn't enough room for extensions in the old navigation and I need room for the next updates, so I looked for something new and found this. The new navigation is currently in test state and will hopefully work fine. If there are any problems please contact me immediately. The structure of the navigation list is the same as before at the moment, just to make it as easy as before to find the right site. In the future there will be some changes to this structure.
The navigation menu looks a bit horrible on browsers like Firefox (let's say not Internet Explorer). I'm working on this problem and will hopefully fix it in the next days.

Friday, 24. February, 2006

Added 2 new links!
Added links to the homepage of Copernicus, an excellent free astronomy program for RISC OS, and to ROAST, the source for RISC OS and Astronomy. You can find the links in the Links-section, subsection Acorn.

Thursday, 23. February, 2006

Added 2 'new' emulators!
Today I've added the BBC Micro emulator B-EM and the Acorn Electron emulator Elkulator to the Emulation-section. The emulators are not really new, but I've noticed them just today. So please forgive me if you angry about this late notification. If anyone knows more emulators not listed on my site concerning Acorn, please contact me. I also updated the Links-section with all the new emulators and the missing one from my Emulation-section.

Sunday, 19. February, 2006

Baseballcap with logo of Archimedes!
I've expanded my shop with a baseballcap for all of you that don't want to wear a shirt with the Archimedes logo.
Visit my shop to buy this cool headwear.

Sunday, 12. February, 2006

Spheres of Chaos demo!
I've just uploaded the demo of Spheres of Chaos to the Downloads-section. Download the Games01-image from the subsection Game-Demos to play this fantastic game. I played this milestone of Acorn gaming for years and even today I play some rounds if I'm in the mood.
For more infos about the colored triangles visit Acornarcade.
For a full version of this game for some OS's visit Ian McLeods Spheres of Chaos site.

Saturday, 04. February, 2006

DinoSaw released as freeware!
Acornarcade published a freeware version of Dinosaw. Normally I would present you an ADF-image of this game here at my site, but I didn't manage to get the download running with my emulators. Maybe someone of you can handle it to create an ADF-discimage. If so, please send a copy of it to me, so I can publish it on my site. Visit Acornarcade to download the Acorn version of this game.

Some news beside Acorn emulation:
Maybe you remember my new year wishes. I talked about the FIFA football worldcup and that I don't have any tickets. Since last night I'm a proud owner of 2 tickets for the worldcup game Spain vs. Ukraina. That's gonna be pure fun! That's all for today. Bye!

Thursday, 02. February, 2006

3 more shirts in the shop and a new link!
Since today there are 3 more shirts in the shop available, now with the Acorn Archimedes logo. Click one of the pictures above to visit the shop.

I've also added a new link in the Links-section concerning the Elite-section. The new member of this section is 'The Elite BBS'-page. Welcome :-)

Finally I repeat the call for game reviews. I didn't hear anything from anybody. Is there any interest in publishing some reviews of old Acorn games? Or am I the only one interested in this? Send me your reviews of your favourite Acorn games!

Monday, 30. January, 2006

Links section updated!
I changed the last site with the old structure. The Links-section is now updated and the site changes are finished now. But maybe I will change the navigation in the near future.

While traveling the internet I found the Wayback Machine. This site is an entry to archived internet sites since 1996.
I tried to find some of the sites that were dead on the Links-section. Fortunately I found the lost sites, for example the tutorial 'Getting an Acorn emulator running' from growse.com (see Links-section).
I redirected the dead links to the Wayback Machine, so you can see the old sites. But not all of the content is working, it's more like a revival or sightseeing of old sites.
By the way, you can see old versions of my site too, but this site isn't history or even dead, so beware of coming news ;-).

As you can see I modified the top of my site a little bit. Moved the donation link to the top of the site and made it looking a bit nicer. If you click on it you get connected to the new Donation-site.

Finally I added another shirt to my shop with the title 'WIMP my desk!'.

Saturday, 28. January, 2006

More to wear for you!
Added another shirt to my shop.

Friday, 27. January, 2006

Something to wear for you!
Check out this T-Shirt creation by me. If you want to buy it then click on the image. Only deliverable in europe. Javascript must be enabled before clicking the image.

Tuesday, 24. January, 2006

Frosty news!
Bring you up more news from my frosty country (-20C at night).

Tom Walker informed me about the next version of Arculator. Version 0.5 is out now with some major changes and additions. You can download the new version directly on the homepage of Arculator or at my site (see section Emulation).

The changes of the background structure are now done except of the Links-section. This big last part I will do in the next days too.

Last news for today is more like a call.
I want to publish game reviews for all gaes published at this site. Therefore I need your help. Send me your reviews of the games you love(d) to play on Acorn, even if it's not published at this site. Write a nice story about the game, linked with some screenshots (send the pictures separately, not inside a Word document or so), and send it to me. I will collect it and publish it on my site. So start writing now!

Monday, 23. January, 2006

Updated sitestructur should work now well at most of the sections!
Changed some structures in the background to make this site more flexible and easier to manage. Today I have been introduced to PHP and it's possibilities and now I try some things. Not all of the sections are up-to-date at the moment, so please be indulgent if some of the sections don't look so pretty.

You might have noticed some changes in the structure of this News-site. This is one of the current changes I'm working on. They do not affect much of the appearance, but in the background I've changed many to keep it looking like the old site. And if it's all done I have a more flexible structure than the old one, that was standing here for 5 years unchanged.

Friday, 20. January, 2006

The history of the Demoscene and the first donation!
I found a link to a very interesting story about the history of the Acorn demo-scene. I've added the link to the Links-section. You can read the article here.

After half a week there was the first donation for this site. A big THANK YOU goes out to Robin.

At last, I've changed some structures and code in the background and it might be that the presentation of this site is looking odd currently. I've checked the site with Firefox, where it looks good, but with Internet Explorer or other browsers there might be some problems. So if you see some errors or problems or think something is missing then contact me please.

Monday, 16. January, 2006

Second part of the finance help!
As I wrote last week there is another way I try to refinance this site. On top of this site is a donation button.If you like this site and want to help feel free to donate. By making a donation you can help me to cover the hosting costs. Even the smallest contribution can help!

And beside this short info there are more things coming soon! Stay tuned, it's worth waiting....

Wednesday, 11. January, 2006

Some changes and new RPCEmu 0.3!
Right at the beginning of the new year I'll do some updates to my site and to the design and the financial situation too. Up to now I paid everything alone to keep this site alive. To get some help and to keep this site as long as possible alive I'm looking for ways to finance the costs for this site. So don't wonder about some little ads and help me to keep this site alive by visiting the sponsors. This is the best way to be sure your #1 source for Acorn emulation on the net stays alive for years.
If you want to donate for this site, please contact me.

In addition to this news there is also a new version of RPCEmu available. What a development speed! The version 0.3 of RPCEmu now supports hard disc emulation, emulation of ARM610 and ARM710 and fixes some bugs. It runs at a speed of around 12 MIPS now. Like every time the new version is downloadable in the Emulation-section or at the homepage of RPCEmu. I've added the 50 MB IDE image for RPCEmu for download to the Emulation-section, subsection Tools.

By the way there is a new version of BeebEm available now, version 3.0. Don't know if this is really an up-to-date news, but I'd seen it just today. You can find the link to the BeebEm homepage in the Emulation-section.

After this lots of news that's all for now. But be sure, more infos coming soon. I'm preparing a huge update for the Downloads-section....

Saturday, 07. January, 2006

Happy new year 2006!
A happy new year to all acorn enthusiasts. This is the year of the football worldcup here in Germany. I live about 5 km ahead of an arena where worldcup games take place and had no chance to get a ticket at the moment. Let's see, if I can catch one (or better 2 :-).

The year starts with the new version 0.2 of RPCEmu, the Risc PC Emulator by Tom Walker. Now RPCEmu works with RISC OS 3.7 roms too, so I had the chance to test this version a little bit. It runs at a good speed around 10 MIPS at my 2,5 GHz P4 laptop. Arculator should reach this speed too in the future, right Tom? You can download the new version on the Emulation-site or at the Arculator and RPCEmu site. Check it out.

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