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Thursday, 29. December, 2005

A late merry christmas and a good slide into the new year!
A little bit late I wish all visitors of this site a merry christmas and a good slide into the new year.
I've added a new emulator by Tom Walker to the Emulation-section, the RPCemu. It is mainly designed for emulating an A7000 machine. Because I have no RISC OS 3.6 roms I can not test the emulator. With my RISC OS 3.7 roms it is not starting up (not quite correct, it starts with an error popup). You can download this new emulator at my site or directly from the homepage of Arculator and RPCEmu. I hope, development of Arculator is still going on, and some parts of the code can be found in both emulators. So long. See you in the next year...

Tuesday, 20. December, 2005

2 new games for download!
Thanks to the guys of Acorn Arcade I have a christmas present to all of you. 2 games are now freely available, BigBang and Revolver by PomPom Games. So I've converted the games to the adf-format for use with the emulator. Try them out in the Downloads-section.

Sunday, 16. October, 2005

Arculator 0.4
is out shortly after the release of 0.35. There were only minor changes made, but it's working well like every of the last versions. You can download the new version directly on the homepage of Arculator or at my site (see section Emulation).

Sunday, 09. October, 2005

A working version of Nebulus
is all you need to have a lot of fun with the new version 0.35 of Arculator. Since this week the new version is available at the homepage of Arculator and also available on my Emulation-section. The improvements can be read at the changes.txt. I've tested the new version with Nebulus and had a lot of fun. Superb graphics, superb sound and good speed was all I needed for the perfect feeling :-) Thanx, Tom. I tested this version also with Cannonfodder, and again superb graphic, sound ok too and, after all, a working mouse controller (yes, it's done). The army is controlable and the first level done in 20 seconds. Very nice. You need to download this version if you use Arculator.

Thursday, 25. August, 2005

Some minor changes!
After a short mail from Tom I removed my old .cfg-file for Arculator and started it again. Now Cannonfodder runs a bit faster and the mouse is more controlable, but not 100% (more about 70%). So if the same problems appear on your computer, try this solution. It helps a bit.

Tuesday, 23. August, 2005

Arculator 0.3 out now!
Like every 22th of the month, Tom Walker informed me about a new version of Arculator. This is a very nice and short cycle to release new versions. I wonder where he gets this time to develop the new version ;-)
Because I haven't so many free time to test the new version at the moment, I just tested it shortly (sorry Tom, this should get better in the next months, when my newborn child is grown a bit).
I tested the new version with CannonFodder (what else :-). It's running better with every version, but like in every version I have somethings to 'nag'. The mouse emulation is getting better --> I finished the first level after 5 minutes. The mouse pointer is now slower between the corners, so I had the chance to hit the enemies 'on the fly'.
But this shouldn't reduce the quality of this version. Like I said: It's getting better every version, so come and download it from Tom's site or my Emulation-section.
And please test this version and send the results (the good and the bad) and compatibility list of programs to me. I will publish it in some way!
By the way: the CannonFodder loading screen now looks good.

Thursday, 28. July, 2005

Cannonfodder working with Arculator!
Ok, this was an error by me. I just stopped the test too fast. Only the loading screen of Cannonfodder looks terrible, but after a short while the game starts correct. But the mouse emulation doesn't work. The mousepointer only 'loves' the 4 corners of the screen. Between the corners it stays just a short moment.

Sunday, 24. July, 2005

Arculator 0.25 available!
The next version of arculator is out now. The new version is available at Tom Walkers homepage or in the Emulation-section.
Major changes are improved disc emulation, supports up to 4 discdrives, optimisations and bugfixes.
I've tested some of the games from the list below. Here are the results:

CannonFodder - doesn't work anymore, some kind of graphic problem
Nevryon - works smoother than in the last tested version
Zelanites - graphic problems fixed, only some short flashes are not ok while playing
Chuck Rock - works great

Tuesday, 28. June, 2005

New version of Arculator available!
Yeap, again Tom Walker informed me of a new version of Arculator, Arculator 0.2. I've downloaded the new version immediately and made it available in the Emulation-section. Major changes are the support for 8 and 16 MB of RAM, ARM3 emulation, some optimisations, fullscreen mode and an enhanced sound support.
You can download it from here or directly from the homepage. The ARM2 emulation runs very fast and correct, the ARM3 emulation with 8 MB of RAM was a bit to slow for run at the moment. I'll test it in the near future.
But all about I can say: Nice version!

Wednesday, 25. May, 2005

New version of Arculator available!
As Tom Walker informed me, a new version of Arculator is available, Arculator 0.1. I've downloaded the new version immediately and made it available in the Emulation-section. So you can download it from here or directly from the homepage. I checked the new version with some games and I am very impressed, how many of them work fine. I had some games, that never worked with Virtual Acorn at my computer. They work quite good with this version of Arculator.
Here are some of the games I tested:

CannonFodder (mouse problems)
Lotus 2
Nevryon (never worked with VA)
Stunt Racer 2000
Spheres of Chaos (mouse problems)
Zelanites (very impressive, although there are some graphic problems)

So all I can say is: 'Use this emulator and help to develop it. So it even gets better and better.'

Tuesday, 10. May, 2005

New tool to create discimages!
Thanks to a hint from Alastair Montgomery in the Messageboard I've downloaded a discimager for ADF files and made it downloadable in the Emulation - Section. With the help of this tool you can create discimages on the Acorn and then use it with the emulator of your choice on the PC. Try it out.

Wednesday, 16. March, 2005

Huge update of the Emulation-Site!
After a long evening I've now updated the Emulation-section of my site. The links are completely refreshed. I had to delete some links and I added some new links and infos. You can now download some of the free emulators at my site. If any of the authors of the emulators don't want to allow this, please contact me and I remove the download immediately.

Tuesday, 08. March, 2005

New game for download!
I've added the game 'Ixion' to the Downloads-section. Try it out.

Tuesday, 11. January, 2005

Another new download!
I've added a new game called 'Cycloids' to the Downloads-section. Take a look at this great platformer.

Tuesday, 11. January, 2005

Happy new year!
A happy new year to all acorn enthusiasts. Lets see what this year brings up.

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