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Monday, 15. November, 2004

Hamsters available!
Thanx to Acorn Arcade and Edward, who gave me the hint, the full Hamsters-game is now downloadable at this site. I just can say that you need to play this funny game. Got and get it ready for the emulator.

Tuesday, 28. September, 2004

Links refreshed!
Ppppffff, this was really hard work :-) But now I have a newly refreshed linksite. Surprisingly I found out that more sites are still alive than I thought....

Tuesday, 10. August, 2004

New link!
Today I've added Emulators resource to the links section. After checking some other links I found out that some are not working! If you know a good site that should be linked at my site, or you find a deadlink, than contact me please.

Wednesday, 14. July, 2004

Special offer!
This time I have a special offer for you. Michael asked me to bring this offer to you:
He is offering an Archimedes A4000 complete with monitor and keyboard and the music writing software Sibelius installed. If you have any offer, or any questions, than contact Michael at m.fields@boltblue.com. You should live in England, if you want to have a chance to get it!

Wednesday, 05. May, 2004

As you can see there are not so many news at the moment for this site. But I have to say that there is many traffic behind, because there are many question from different users I have to answer.

Thursday, 05. February, 2004

Added some new downloads!
Hi all. Today I've added 3 new images to the Download-Section. One of them is a blank discimage, the other 2 are games. Try to find them out for yourself.

Tuesday, 06. January, 2004

A happy new year to all of you!
Another year has past and this site is still alive! And it's going on with many interesting things. So wait for more and stay tuned.

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