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Thursday, 06. November, 2003

Need some help!
To expand the amount of downloads at my downloadsite I need the help of you! Do you know some free software that you would like to see at this site, then send a mail to me with the name of the program (and maybe a link to where I can find some hints or downloads). So check your old discs and look for some good things you must have. (Maybe someone knows the author of Spheres of Chaos or knows, that it's for free now)

Tuesday, 04. November, 2003

It's getting cold out there!
Why not play a good old Acorn game. Take a look at the Downloads. Maybe you find some new nice games in the next few days. Today there is another discimage Tools02 new at the Downloads. This time it's the Newer Look by Acorn to make your old looking Risc OS 3.+ look somewhat new. Try it out!

Thursday, 09. October, 2003

More PD Games!
After years of waiting for the right solution I now got it working to copy files from my original A3010 to the emulator on my PC. That means for you more good software for download in the next time. The first new download is a collection of PD games PDGames09. There you find the great games Filler (simple, but very addictive), Minesweep and MineHunt, and Moonquake (a very good bomberman clone). Try them now.

Monday, 28. July, 2003

What's up!
Yes, I know there weren´t any updates for a long, long time. That´s why I post this news to you. Stay tuned, this is a first lifesign. It´s getting better in the next time. I had some major changes in my life and now sorted it all. Maybe a bit like the Acorn - emulation scene :-) Aftera look around I´ve seen, that there is nothing new in the emuworld and some sites are closed. That´s another reason for me to keep this site alive. Maybe some of you know some good themes to be shown at this site. If you´re one of them, then contact me.

Tuesday, 01. April, 2003

No joke, a big update!
You won't belive it but today there is a big update for this site. As you have may noticed there is a new version of VA5000 available. This version 1.4 has one great feature (for those who just updated their old version, like me): the direct disc access. I've tested this great new feature with some of my discs. The result is different. The 'normal' discs can be used quite normal and everything works fine. But if I use some of my original game discs with copy protection, like Guile, Galactic Dan, Drop Ship or Warlocks the whole emulator crashes. I don't know why but this is great problem for me. I have many games I would like to play again, so please fix this bug, if it is one! Outside this problem this version works very good, the sound support is enhanced and sounds quite good mostly. Try it for yourself!

For those of you using version 1.4 with direct disc access I have updated the Emulation - Section with a hint on how to use discimages and direct disc access together. Check it out!

I've also updated the Downloads - Section with 2 new discimages. The first one is a compilation of useful packing- and unpacking-tools with the expressive name Tools_01. The other one is a demo called Blackzone. I'm not sure if anyone knows this one but it's worth running it.

Tuesday, 25. February, 2003

New version of Virtual Acorn on it's way!
As you can see on the VA5000 - Homepage there is a new version of this great emulator on it's way and should be upgradable in the near future. The most important update is the support for discs, so you can read your archimedes discs directly with VA5000 under Win2K and WinXP. Let's see how good it works! I've updated the ArcDisc - Section with a new comment. After getting some feedback I can say that ArcDisc (because of arcimg) only runs at Windows 95/98/Me, but not at Windows NT/2000/XP, because of the limited hardware access given by those OS's. Sorry for that, but I try to write a working version in the near future.

Thursday, 06. February, 2003

Another new image!
Yep, I've added another discimage to the Download-Section! This time it's again a PD games (PDGames08) collection with the great game Oddball, ArchieMan, ArcRoids (an Asteroids clone) and the good old Patience.

Thursday, 30. January, 2003

New images for download!
The first images arrived and I'm checking them at the moment (special thanx to Robert!). To give you something to play I've updated the Download-Section. You find 2 new images in this section, Twinworld (at Games) and a new PD games collection with Bandit, Backgammon and Star Trek (at PD-Games). Enjoy them!

Wednesday, 22. January, 2003

Looking for new stuff!
Hello everybody! After searching my discimages I realized that there are many programs missing for my emulator. So here is the message: Send all your programs that I can make available at my Download-Section as discimages to me. Hopefully this will help to get this section a little bit more complete. Thank you!

Wednesday, 01. January, 2003

A happy new year to all of you!
Let's start into another year. I wish all of you a happy new year!

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