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Saturday, 28. December, 2002

Archie is not dead!
Yeaph, you read right. After a long long gap there had been a minimal update on the Archie site. Let's hope there happens something in the near future.

Saturday, 16. November, 2002

Coconizer for download!
Today I bring you another nice application for download. It's coconizer, a tracker program for creating music. Try to make some good music. If you think its ok then send it to me, mabe I'll make some downloads of the best ones. Check the Download-Section for Coconizer.

Monday, 11. November, 2002

It's been a while!
Sorry for the long gap. I moved to a new home so I had no time to update this site. Today I want to restart with a short update of the Links - Section. I added Richard's RISC OS 3.1 disk images to the Acorn-Emulation subsection. Some of you may know Richard from the Red Squirrel Newsgroup. You find some useful discimages at his site.

There has been some movement in the emulation scene in the last time. A new version of VA5000 is out with some improvements. Because I was very busy I just checked, if this version works. I didn't realized any major changes, only changing from VA5000 to Windows by pressing Alt + Tab and selecting the menu on fullscreen makes some trouble. I'll test it in the next time. Even Red Squirrel came to a new version, but there was no time to test it. I've just updated the Emulation - Section to keep the version up to date. If you want to download them, visit the sites. You find a link int the Emulation - Section.

More updates for my site coming in the near future. So long...

Wednesday, 11. September, 2002

'Lander' available for download!
After a long search I found the game Lander at one of my discs. Now it's available to all of you for download. Check Games in the Download - Section and enjoy the game.

Saturday, 07. September, 2002

ArcDisc 0.7 and ArcDisc mailinglist!
The next version of ArcDisc is ready for download. Major changes are made at the user interaction and the user interface. There are also many functions made more usable and the control of arcimg has changed completely. Now there's no need to close the DOS-Window manually because it closes itself after being finished. For more infos of the new ArcDisc version the the ArcDisc - Section. If you want to get informed about further releases of ArcDisc subscribe to the mailinglist also available at the ArcDisc - Section. It's always nice to get some feedback for ArcDisc, so please tell me what you think of it!

Saturday, 03. August, 2002

Massive speed increase!
Today I bought me a new graphic card. The old Riva TNT wasn't that good anymore. After installing the new Radeon 8500 I started VA5000 and tried some demos and games. The result was amazing, most of the tested programs ran at normal speed with a very good sound output. With the old graphic card I disabled the sound output because it was terrible and and the program ran very slow. Now I have a true Acorn emulation at my PC. Great!

Thursday, 01. August, 2002

ArcDisc together with Virtual Acorn!
Since 30.7. it's official: ArcDisc is available at all new VirtualA5000 CD's. It's also linked at the homepage and it's described in the instruction manual. See the Virtual Acorn News to read more about it. After months of development it's nice to be 'part' of the Virtual Acorn project. Until now I never had any response for ArcDisc. Today I found the announcement at the Virtual Acorn homepage and I also found ArcDisc linked and described at the Comp.Sys.Acorn FAQ under Seq. 8 Q4. Hopefully there are some people that use ArcDisc constantly. Work will go on to get the program even better. Thanx!

Thursday, 11. July, 2002

Added Mr. Doo to the Download-Section!
Another full game joined the Download - Section. Try to collect cherrys with Mr. Doo, a classical game. The work for the next ArcDisc-version has began, it should be out in september.

Monday, 01. July, 2002

ArcDisc 0.6 out now!
Good news to all users of ArcDisc. The time of waiting for the new version is over. The new version ArcDisc 0.6 is out and downloadable for free from the ArcDisc - Section. Mainly there were made some bugfixes and dialog-beautifying, but also I've challenged the one big bug in using ArcDisc to format a disc with arcimg. After a lot of tests I've finally found the problem and fixed it. Please read the instructions at the ArcDisc - Section. Now I'm happy to do some other things for my site. So long stay tuned......

Thursday, 20. June, 2002

Short update after my holidays!
Back from holiday I just want to thank for some mails. A special thank goes out to Graeme Barnes (RS and VA5000), who send me the hint for getting Elite running in VA. You'll find the solution on the Download - Section. I've just played it a little bit and all I can say is that the playspeed is unbelieveable and it's a lot more fun to play Elite on VA than on RS. Another greet goes out to David, who told me, that the speed problems in Mode 12/15 may come from my graphics card, which is not able to do 2D-scaling (I've got an old Riva TNT). This maybe the reason for my speed problems and hopefully it gets better with a newer one. Let's see. That's all for now, more updates coming soon.....

Saturday, 25. May, 2002

The site gets more traffic!
Hey, after half a year is gone, now the site has get some publicity. There is a constant grow of visitors and even the Messageboard get's something to eat. Go on, that's good. The work for the new ArcDisc-version is going on slowly, because I have some problems with the format option of arcimg. I don't know why, but arcimg seems to make a difference between the writing of the commands, and I currently don't know what's so bad with mine. But hopefully I find a solution in the next time, so that I can upload the new version shortly after my holiday :-). And then we'll see, if Virtual Acorn burns this version on it's next release...

Some words to the new VA5000 version: After problems updating to version 1.2 (the plugins on startup made some problems) the emulator is running good again. There is just another update to VA 1.21 on the net, that fixes some problems. All I have to say to this version: "It's getting faster every day in the actual resolution." Speed problems are coming, if you change to some Acorn specific modes (Mode 12 or 15). Then the emulator is very slow on my machine (900 MHz Duron, 800x600 screen resolution). Hopefully they find a way to fix this problem. Let's see!

By the way, I've updated the Links - Section. The BBCBasic - Subsection is renamed to BBC-Basic and Programming on Acorn. I also added 2 new links to this subsection. Let's see what's coming next! So long come and visit my site constantly. There's always something interesting for you.

Friday, 17. May, 2002

Many little updates!
There are several things happened here and on the net, so I have to tell it to you. First of all the Links - Section has gone bigger. I've added Big Al's Archie Page to the subsection Acorn-Emulation, and links to the new emulators in the Emulation - Section. The emulators have 2 new members, Armulator and Riscose. There's also a new subsection Programming, because I'd found a RISC-OS SDK for Windows and Linux on the net, that seems to be worth getting this new subsection. Check it out at the Emulation - Section.

Now some bad news. Release 0.6 for ArcDisc is a bit away. Currently I don't have the time to complete this release. Although there's a big bug with the namingfield I hope you can use the tool and wait until the next release. More info's about all versions can be found at the ArcDisc - Section.

At last I have to tell you, that the Wakefield Show ships this weekend (18/19.5.2002). Although I'm far away from this place I'm waiting impatiently for this moment, because Virtual Acorn will release VA5000 1.2 at this show. On their homepage you'll find some informations about the new version. As soon as I have it, you get some informations.

Tuesday, 14. May, 2002

Thanx for the first 1000!
Half a year after the launch of this site I climbed up to the first 1000 visits. Thanx to all of you, that helped reaching this count. But hopefully there will be more thousands coming with smaller intervals. Let's go on keeping this site alive and kicking. There's a new Archimedes - emulator on the net called ArcEm. The first version hasn't many geatrues, but the interesting part is, that it's completely open source and available for more platforms then windows. Check the Emulation - Section.

Thursday, 02. May, 2002

Good news for all Elite-Fans!
After checking Acorn Arcade I realized that the Acorn version of "Elite" is freely distributable. So, for all of you who want to play Elite on emulator check the Download-Section in the new subsection "Games". Enjoy one of the best games ever seen.

Monday, 15. April, 2002

Updates coming soon!
At the moment I'm very busy with work so there was no update in the last time. But I try to make a bigger update in the next time. So long have fun with the existing. By the way: If you have some new ideas for the content of this site, please mail me. I need feedback to make this site better. Even if the messageboard isn't filled up with life you can use it...

Thursday, 04. April, 2002

More downloads available!
I've added to more discimages to the Download-Section. Go and download the new Textutilities.

Monday, 25. March, 2002

Virus found on Image!
All of you who downloaded the 'Games01.zip' containing the Hamsters-Demo, please delete this image and download it again in the Download-Section. There was a virus inside the image, which was found by William (special thanx 2U). I removed the virus and uploaded the image again, so now it's virus-free. I will check all of the available images in the near future for virus. Most of them can't contain virus, because they're coming directly out of my virus-free Acorn, but not all. So sorry for any circumstances. If you find some virus on one of the images, then please tell it to me.

Monday, 18. March, 2002

Just more downloads!
Added some more PD-Games to the Download section. Click and see the new PDGames03 - PDGames06.

Sunday, 10. March, 2002

Technical notes are online!
Today I uploaded the Technical Notes-Section. It's now filled up with some infos about my own Acorn and some links to other information sites about Acorn-Computers. I've also removed the Document-Download at the moment, because I'm not working on this project at the moment and in the near future. If I do it again, I will tell you and you can get it at one of this pages.

Thursday, 07. March, 2002

Things are getting better!
There are so many news, I don't know where to start first. This monday I received my "Virtual Acorn". Because of the slowness of Red Squirrel I decided to buy this one, but I wasn't sure, if this was a good idea. What if it runs slow, too? After installing it onto my PC I started it and I was surprised by the speedincrease and the fullscreen 800x600x256 mode (my A3010 never got such high dimensions). Now I can use lot of my old software at a good quality. More on this coming soon. After RS 0.5 is out (and VA5000) I've tested today some of my "broken" discimages (that's what I thougt). Another surprise came to me after trying to start one of them, because it worked smoothly. Great job! So I can fill up much more ADF-Images to the Demos-Section. There's a first update today, but many more in the next time. The last news is going out to Arcimg, which was improved again a little bit. The new version is available at the Emulation-Site. See readme.txt inside the ZIP for changes. The new ArcDisc will integrate most of the new features.

Maybe, I forgot something interesting. If so, I'll add it as soon as possible.

Friday, 01. March, 2002

First pre-release of our C64 tool!
This time it's not a message concerning Acorn but a message concerning me. After 2 years of some development we're proud to release the first pre-release of our tool "64'er Commander". This Norton Commander style D64 disctool runs on any Windows-PC and is used to edit D64-Imagefiles or create new ones. You can also start your programs directly by executing the selected program inside your imagefile. If you're interested then visit the "64'er Commander Site" at http://c64.revivalteam.de. There's also a new link on the Links-Section. This new link brings you directly to Google. There exists a open link collection with many links to other Acorn-Sites.

Monday, 25. February, 2002

Nothing really new!
At the moment I'm a bit busy with other projects, mainly my Commodore64 - Site. To show you, that there is still something going on at this site I wrote this news. The ArcDisc - Section has seen a very little facelift and a new version status for the upcoming version 0.6 of ArcDisc was added. The new version status will show you improvements in the new version and the projected release date. Another small update was done for the Links by adding some more of them.

Monday, 18. February, 2002

New version for Red Squirrel out!
Version 0.5 for the freeware emulator Red Squirrel is out now. Got and get it from http://www.red-squirrel.org!

Wednesday, 06. February, 2002

Many new stuff to download!
Another massive update! I've just uploaded some new discimages, 1x demos, 2x PD-Games, 1x misc stuff. Go and get it here!

Monday, 04. February, 2002

Little update to keep this site up to date!
Today I've updated the Emulation - Section. The BeebEm Emulator has gone to the next round, version 1.4 is out now. I've also added some new Emulators for the BBC Micro and the Acorn Electron. It's very interesting to see the different models of the same company. The Links - Section is also up to date with even more visitable links. Look here!

Tuesday, 29. January, 2002

Big Pictures and Download Update!
A big update came over the Download - Section. New imagesfiles for your emulator. I've added some new Demos and the first 3 Gamedemos. I've also updated the Pictures - Section with some freshly scanned pictures from Acorn - Computermodels and restructured the Pictures - Site.

Monday, 21. January, 2002

Another big update for the Links!
I've just updated the Links-Section with some new links, mainly concerning to Acorn. Take a look at it.

Saturday, 19. January, 2002

A new Section for ArcDisc!
After releasing 3 versions for ArcDisc I've decided to create an own section for ArcDisc. So the support is better and new visitors looking for the tool will find it even faster.

Friday, 18. January, 2002

A big update for the Links-Section!
I've just updated the Links-Section. There's a new subsection called "Elite Special" for one of the greatest games ever seen. If you want your link been added at my page, mail it to me and I'll check it. If you want to add a link of this site to your site, please do that and maybe inform me.

Wednesday, 16. January, 2002

Another snapshot release for ArcDisc!
Version 0.5 is on the line for ArcDisc. At this time major update are made on the mainform. Also now arcimg is fully supported, so you can use the frontend for easy use of all features of arcimg. Have fun and tell it to me!

Tuesday, 08. January, 2002

A new snapshot release for ArcDisc!
Version 0.2 of my tool ArcDisc is out now. Major update is the use of a ini-file for serializing paths. Some bugs where fixed and some little things added (see Readme.txt inside the zip-archive). The Emulation-Section bev´came a new member: Virtual Acorn. Visit the Emulation-Section.

Wednesday, 02. January, 2002

First update 2002!
A happy new year to all of you. May your wishes come true. The Links-Section is grown a little bit, I've added some new links. There's also a new picture in the Pictures-Section.

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