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Monday, 31. December, 2001

Last update this year!
I've just scanned some new gamecover and redesigned the pictures-section a little bit. Jump to Pictures to see the new pics.

Sunday, 30. December, 2001

A lately 'Merry X-mas' and a happy new year!
Ok, after my winterholiday with lots of snow I'm back and I wish you all a merry X-mas and a happy new year. I've fixed some bugs at my homepage, added some goodies for IE 5.5 and found more pictures, that I'll scan in the next days. After collecting new impressions I've just found time to write down some things for me I want to include into the next versions of ArcDisc. Work for the next snapshot-release will start in january (I hope so). Stay tuned...

Monday, 10. December, 2001

Introducing a new tool for arcimg!
I've just released the FIRST snapshot release of my own tool 'ArcDisc'. You'll find it in the Emulation-Section as one of the tools. I'd like to get some feedback, if someone's interested in using this tool. So I'm more motivated to implement all the ideas, I have. Enjoy it.

Saturday, 08. December, 2001

More pictures for your hungry computer!
I've just scanned some more gamecovers and uploaded them to the Pictures-Section. Go and get them. Expect some updates and modifications in the near future (mainly with the server and the URL)... but I don't want to tell too much. Wait and see!

Friday, 07. December, 2001

The Links are grown!
Another update in the Links-Section. Mainly a big dealer update. The Picturesection changed it's appearance. The thumbnails are dead, now there are only Links (faster loading for slow modems :-).

Tuesday, 04. December, 2001

A minor update!
Ok, after a small break here we go again! My main interests at the moment are going out to Red Squirrel and to my links section. Red Squirrel seems to come to a new release this year (even if I never expected that), and so I'm very interested in testing the new one. I'm also looking for good Acorn-Sites in the net. The problem is to find some. My purpose is to create a big entrypoint to the Acornworld at my Links-Site, so everyone get the information, that he wants. If you know some interesting sites, mail it to me.

Monday, 05. November, 2001

The Emulation-Section's gone bigger!
After testing some emulators for older Acorn-models I'll just put them on my Emulation-Site. First one is the BeebEm, which is one of the best in this section. Later I'll write more about this one and some other emulators. If you want to code your own emulator just look into the sources of BeebEm. There's much to learn for everybody. Bye!

Tuesday, 30. October, 2001

Goodbye Guestbook, welcome Messageboard!
Ok, it was a bad idea to implement the Guestbook. I've decided to change to the messageboard. You can read it faster and discuss the world. Another point is the Demos-Section. During problems with uploading files >1MB (thanx to the free webspace provider) I have to find another way to upload all files, I want to. The A3010 handbook (PDF) has changed to ZIP, so you have to download and unzip it. Sorry for the bad image quality inside the PDF-Document, I'm working on the problem.

Friday, 26. October, 2001

Another Update!
After working again on the A3010 Welcome Guide I updated the Links-Section with some more links. I've also updated the Downloads - Page. Because of problems uploading the File Demos1.zip on the server (size > 1 MB) I've splitted the original file into 2 pieces, so you have to download both files and merge it as one.

Monday, 22. October, 2001

New Sitenavigation!
I've replaced the old Textlinks by a new superb Navigationbar. I hope you like the new Design. Also changed the content of the Emulation-Site and replaced the "Demos" and the "Documents"-Sites with a new one "Downloads". The Mainpage for Downloads is getting better in the next time, first of all it only Links to the old 2 pages. Bye!

Thursday, 18. October, 2001

Time is running away!
Oh god! I've only updated some Sites and redesigned some things for better updating in the future. More updates coming soon.

Wednesday, 10. October, 2001

The Problem with the Banner!
I'm sorry for the banners, that popup on every click you do. It's a free webspace and I can't disable that. If you don't want to kill the banner every time it pops up, just let'em alive and minimize the window, so you won't get a new window by clicking any link.

Monday, 08. October, 2001

The First Update!
Fixed some things and added life to some sites. Enjoy and stay tuned... . More updates coming soon.

Tuesday, 25. September, 2001

Start the Panic!
Welcome to my Acorn-related Site. I hope you enjoy your stay. At the moment the site looks a little bit simple, but I'm trying first to fill that site with information and later make a lovely design (if I find something).

To make this Site even better, please mail me your oppinion about all of that. If you have any suggestions or things, you want to see on this page, contact me at acorn@revivalteam.de.


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