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There are actually some emulators in the Windows-World and some in the Unix/Linux-World that are able to emulate the new Acorn machines:


Archie is an Acorn Archimedes emulator for DOS. It only emulates older machines like the A3000. There was a long time no development and now the homepage is closed. I've added the last download of Archie 0.9 to this site. If this is a problem for the author, please contact me.

http://www.geocities.com/chris-o [See archived site on Wayback Machine]
Download the latest version 0.9

Red Squirrel

Red Squirrel`s current Version is 0.6, but it seems, that there won't be any future versions. Red Squirrel is a windows-based Acorn emulator. It supports the use of discimages and multiple machinetypes

Download the latest Version 0.6

Virtual Acorn

The commercial brother of RedSquirrel. Runs faster and works better then Red Squirrel. The last version was 1.4.
Development for Virtual Acorn has discontinued for the benefit of Virtual RPC.
If you are looking for downloads of all available upgrades, visit the VA5000 Upgrades-section.


Hint: If you have a version greater than 1.3 and you use the direct floppy access, you may have a problem on how to load your good old discimages. The answer is simple: Just click on Apps on the IconBar (inside RISC OS) and start !Configure. Now click on Floppies and increase the count to 2 floppies. Click on OK. Now you can access your disc with floppy :0 and your discimages with floppy :1.

Virtual RPC

Successor of Virtual Acorn. Description from the developers website:
'VirtualRPC-SE runs software intended for Acorn RISC PC, Acorn A7000, Acorn A7000+ and other computers fitted with RISC OS 3.5 or later. VirtualRPC-SE can also run the vast majority of software intended for older Acorn machines.'



Emulator by Tom Walker. Works fine and gets better with every new version. Now emulates ARM2, ARM250 and ARM3 machines with multiple RAM-sizes, HD-disc access and IDE-filing. If you need a formatted 50 MB IDE image, download it from the Tools-Section at this site.
See this article on drobe for some interesting infos: A deeper look inside Acorn emulators

Download the latest version 0.99 (sourcecode included)


Another Emulator by Tom Walker. Emulates A7000 and RiscPC machines with RISC OS 3.X, 4.X, 6.X. Now with IDE emulation and HostFS support. There is also a Linux port available.
If you need a formatted 50 MB IDE image, download it from the Tools-Section at this site. Visit the homepage to get more informations.
See this article about the Linux port of this emulator: RPCEmu ported to Linux

Download the latest version 0.7 for Windows (sourcecode included)
Download the latest version 0.7 for DOS (sourcecode included)

RPCemu Spoon Edition

The continued emulator RPCEMu after the walkaway of Tom Walker. This is the newest version of RPCEmu to install and start and you find some ROM images linked at this site.
Download the latest version 0.8.15 for Windows (installer to the program files folder)
Download the latest version 0.8.15 for Windows (zipped installation)


An open source emulator. Only emulates Archimedes-machines, but exists for Windows and Linux and RISC OS. Current version is 1.0.



Emulates correctly an ARM-processor. No more info's available at the moment.



Even one more emulator. This time for Unix-based machines. Don't have the system to test this one, so please help me, if you've got one version of Riscose running on your system.


ROM images

You can create ROM images from your real machine. This is described here.
You could also download ROM images here.


Here you'll get some tools for easier use of emulators.
I've created a little tool for the easier use of ArcImage. Is it running under Windows 95/98/ME. This is just a beta release. Development is stopped, because the program doesn't work on Windows 2000/XP and later version.
Originally created by Jasper Renow-Clarke, v1.12 modified by Tom Humphrey. This small tool helps you reading Acorn discs into your PC directly from the PC-floppy. It creates ADF-Discimages. v1.12 also reads and writes HD-Discs.
This utility can read/write the contents of ADF disc images on Acorn machines. It consists of two programs, a Frontend and a Backend (that can be run independently). Use it to create disc images of your discs on the Acorn and read them on the emulator.
You need to copy it to a real Acorn and then unpack it! This is no Windows readable tool!
A formatted ide disk image (50 MB), absolutely clean
A formatted ide disk image (50 MB), absolutely clean too :-) Just copy the content of this zip into the Arculator- or RPCEmu-dir.
A formatted ide disk image (256 MB). Just copy the content of this zip into the RPCEmu-dir.
A formatted ide disk image (1 GB). Just copy the content of this zip into the RPCEmu-dir.


A tutorial on programming WIMP was shown at growse.com a while ago. The site was deleted, but I saved the article, so you can see it

I found a RISC-OS-SDK on the net. So here's the link for you. Comments following later:

There's also an interpreter for BBC Basic on the net called Brandy. Here's the link:


Don't know, how to get the emulator running ? Here you find a short description on how to configure both Acorn emulators: The link is dead, if someone saved this article, please contact me!

Maybe there are some people out there who won't use my tool ArcDisc to create discimages. If you are one of them and you want to know all about ArcImg, then visit

Another big part goes to the emulators of "older" Acorn machines, like the Acorn Electron or the Acorn Atom. The emulation of these computers is one step ahead of the newer machines. At the moment I know one good emulator for the BBCMicro,

Acorn Atom Emulator

The Acorn Atom Emulator is now at version 1.33 and there should not be any update in the next time.



BeebEm is actually at version 4.14 and emulates the BBCMicro.



Another emulator for the BBC Micro but I haven't tested it. On the site you can download a working demo of this emulator, only running 10 minutes.


ElectrEm Future & ElectrEm Classic

An emulator for the Acorn Electron. The new designed version is currently at version 0.6c. The old version Classic is available in version beta 9: ElectrEm Classic and ElectrEm Future.



A freeware BBC Micro emulator. Supports reading of FDI discimages. Current version is 2.2.

Download version 2.2 for Windows
Download version 1.1 for DOS


A freeware Acorn Electron emulator. Current version is 1.0.

Download version 1.0 for Windows
Download version 0.6 for DOS

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