Acorn archives for download
Last updated: Thursday, 13. August, 2009

Some of the programs aren't small enough to pack them into a ADF image, or I can't split it.
This site contains original Acorn archives that are usable with any emulator emulating hard drives that are accessible with Windows.
If you want to play the archives available on this site, you need to do the following:
If I missed something, you know a better way to run the archives or you have working ADF images of these archives, please contact me.
And now enjoy!

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...can be found on the ADF-images for download-section.

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Tools (ADF images)

This is the readonly version.
Newer look to make your desktop look nicer (Acorn 1993). Special thanx to SJS!
Adress Book, BBCFontEd, some Fontconverter, StrongED 2, Strong Help...
more Fonttools, Printutilities and many more
The Typeconverter.


Arcade style racing game originally published by Oregon Developments in 1995, now free.
Dune II -The Battle for Arrakis. This conversion from the classic PC game by Jason Tribbeck in 1995. Jason Tribbeck released this version for free on his site, and so I do too. If Westwood or Jason Tribbeck want me to remove this archive then I'll do this immediately.

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