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Last updated: Friday, 13. January, 2012

Wocki's Acorn GameBase Screenshot Wocki's Acorn GameBase Screenshot

What is ArcGB?
The goal of ArcGB is to gather all available game discimages for Acorn Archimedes emulators in one database to get easy access to the content.
With ArcGB it is very easy to play the game of your choice in your Acorn emulator. Clicking the game of your choice will start the configured emulator. All you need to do is to wait until the bootup sequence is over, and then click on the floppy icon for drive 0:. This will open the correct discimage.
ArcGB also saves discspace by handling zipped imagefiles.
Just download the zipped ADF-images or zip existing images and connect them to the database. No unzipping needed! Additional you can configure ArcGB to rezip the image after ending up the session, so all changed data will be saved.

How to play a game?
Simply double-click on the game you want to play. The configured emulator starts and after a bootup sequence you'll reach the WIMP. There you can click on the discdrive 0: icon. This opens after a moment of loading a window with the disccontent and one of the files or directories is the one you want to play. Sorry, but there is no fully automated way to do this at the moment!

Wocki's Acorn GameBase Splashscreen

Wocki's Acorn GameBase - The special ArcGB!
Wocki's Acorn GameBase is a special version of ArcGB covering all games that are available on Wocki's Acorn Emulation Site.
Just download the zipfiles from this site and set a gamepath in GameBase to the path, where you saved the downloads.
Now select the directory where Arculator or RPCEmu is installed and that's all. Currently the supported emulators are Arculator and RPCEmu from version 0.5 on.
To select the default emulator go to the menu GEMUS->Manage Emualtors.... This will open a dialog listing all installed emulators (actually 2). Select the emulator you prefer and move him to the top of the list by clicking the up-arrow-button. Commit your choice with OK and that's all.
If you want to play a single game with the emulator that is not your default one, select the game you want to play and then right-click on the button Play Game. This will open a list where you can select the emulator you want to start with.

How to install ArcGB and Wocki's Acorn GameBase?
You need to install the program GameBase on your Windows system. I've tested GameBase version 1.1, so please install a version >= 1.1. You can download the required setup file directly from this site by clicking the link below or you visit the homepage of GameBase to download it from there.

Download GameBase 1.3 setup file (4.71 MB)

After the installation has finished successfully you need to install these 3 files too:

Download Wocki's Acorn GameBase (0.132 MB)
Download picture files (9.423 MB)
Download extra files (1.669 MB)

You find the required installation informations inside the zip-file Wocki's Acorn

Current status of ArcGB
See status of Wocki's Acorn GameBase!

Current status of Wocki's Acorn GameBase
Full games included:
Game demos included:
Supported emulators:
Arculator, RPCEmu (0.5 and later)
Screenshots added:

Help to fill ArcGB!
If you want to add a game to ArcGB or Wocki's Acorn GameBase, please send me all informations about the game that I need for adding to the database and some useful screenshots. You could also fill the GamBase and send me the directory, where all GameBase informations are stored, and the additional pictures.
If you don't know, how to take a screenshot: Run the emulator in fullscreen mode and at the moment you want the screenshot, press Alt + Print. Now open any picturetool, make a new picture and insert the screenshot by pressing Ctrl + V. Save the image and that's all.

Get ArcGB on CD!
If you don't want to download all that stuff you can buy Wocki's Acorn Emulation CD. Visit my shop to get more informations.

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